Winning by Risking: How Fear of Looking Bad Holds Us Back


In the creative world, risk is often a double-edged sword.

We, as creatives, tend to shy away from taking chances, primarily to avoid the sting of failure.

Yet, it's an ironic truth that playing it safe can be the very thing that curtails our potential rewards.

Overcoming the fear of looking bad is not just about bravery; it's about unlocking our fullest potential for innovation and growth.

The Comfort of Familiar Territory 🛤️

There's a certain allure to sticking with what we know. As freelancers and designers, we often find solace in tested formulas and styles. They're like old friends—reliable and comforting.

The idea of venturing into new creative spaces, while exhilarating, also makes us feel vulnerable. It's this vulnerability that holds us back, keeping us confined within the boundaries of our comfort zones.

But here's the catch: staying safe also means staying stagnant. Progress, by its very nature, demands a step, or sometimes a leap, into the unknown.

Perfectionism Paralysis 🎯

Then there's the trap of wanting to get it "just right." This need for perfection can be a significant roadblock in our creative journey. It inhibits experimentation, making every early iteration and work-in-progress feel woefully inadequate.

But here's a thought to ponder: done is often better than perfect. In the dynamic world of graphic design and creativity, speed often trumps precision. The faster we iterate, the quicker we learn and evolve.

Harsh Self-Criticism 🧐

We're our own worst critics, aren't we? We look at our initial attempts and works-in-progress through a lens of harsh judgement.

However, creating truly outstanding work requires taking risks, undergoing refinement, and evolving. It's about constructively critiquing ideas rather than condemning them.

Remember, every masterpiece starts as a draft.

Other People's Opinions 🗣️

Our anxiety about how our work will be received contributes significantly to our risk-averse nature. We fear criticism and judgement from peers and audiences.

This fear can become so overpowering that it starts dictating our creative choices, effectively disempowering us. The key is to shift focus: concentrate inward on your vision and creativity rather than outward on seeking approval.

Progress Requires Risk 🚀

History is replete with examples where advances in art and design have come from testing uncharted waters. Every 'failure' in our experiments is a stepping stone, providing valuable lessons to build upon.

Putting yourself and your work out there, knowing it might not always be well received, requires courage. But it's in this very act of bravery that growth resides.

Conclusion 🎉

Embracing risk-taking in our creative endeavours is not about being reckless.

It's about understanding that with every risk comes a potential reward.

By stepping out of our comfort zones, we gain invaluable skills, constructive feedback, and, most importantly, confidence.

Mastery in any creative field emerges from extensive experimentation, devoid of fear.

So, as a challenge to every freelancer, graphic designer, and creative out there, take one new risk this week. It could be anything—a different design approach, a new tool, or an unconventional project.

The goal is to learn, grow, and, above all, not to fear looking bad in the pursuit of greatness. 🚀🌟

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Thanks for reading, and remember, your potential is limitless when you dare to embrace risk and shatter the fear of 'looking bad.' So, take that bold step, push those boundaries, and keep evolving.

Until the next newsletter, keep challenging yourself and unlocking your creative greatness.

Stay inspired,