The struggles of creating everyday on Instagram


It's not always easy to show up and be accountable, but that doesn't mean it should stop us from bettering ourselves! And it does get easier.

When I started my 'Another Poster,' 'Post A Poster' everyday challenge, the struggle to create a poster on Instagram every day was difficult at times (and still is).

I had to work hard, but the more I persevered with it, the more new ideas I thought of. Finally, everything came together.

Some days, it would be very challenging to come up with something — But the more one works through their creativity issues they will start seeing different ways around these problems.

It's easy to feel defeated, but don't give up. Yes, sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but you soon learn, and things get easier. Just keep going!

Now, we have so many triggers for creativity that help us come up with new ideas — like travel or taking photos of our daily lives. You will find what works for you!

As for me at the beginning, one of the best ways to stay motivated and avoid procrastination was setting a time each day that I had to post on Instagram (5 pm).

Your posts will become more consistent, which can lead to an increase in subscribers as well!

Posting at the same time every day and thus creating an artificial deadline forced me to come up with ideas, even if I was having trouble.

As my audience grew, so did the guilt of letting them down and not posting anything new for them. But this only helped positively motivate me.

I remember one of my early posters where I couldn’t come up with an idea and something that would suit me. Time was running out, only half an hour left before the deadline for this particular post!

Then BANG! Out of nowhere came a light bulb moment when everything clicked into place – That poster has been featured on many inspirational pages and has been received very well by many people.

Thinking out Loud

Set that deadline and don't give up!

📚 What I'm reading right now

I am currently reading DO THE HARD THINGS FIRST by Scott Allan. I've never been more aware of how much time I spend procrastinating. In this book, the author has really helped me to understand why people put off doing big tasks in life and offered practical guidance on tackling my most daunting projects first!