Knowing When To Stop: Trusting Yourself in Creative Projects


Whether you are a graphic designer, a freelancer, an illustrator, a student, or just someone who loves creating things, there comes a point in every project when it’s time to stop.

The difficulty is recognising when that moment is. Often creatives can be overwhelmed with thoughts such as ‘is this really finished? Should I keep going and add more? Is this the best version?’

This post will explore the importance of trusting yourself to know when something is finished.

The Benefits of Finishing Projects On Time

Finishing your projects on time has many benefits.

It shows discipline and organisation skills—both highly valuable attributes in any profession. It also allows you to move on to other projects and create new and exciting things while staying within deadlines and expectations.

Additionally, completing projects on time gives you more control over what you do with your time and helps keep stress levels low because you are not constantly scrambling to finish something at the last minute.

When You Should Stop Working on Something

The key to knowing when it's time to stop working on something is trusting yourself.

If you have done all the work you can think of—either through research or creative exploration—and have come up with a product that exceeds your expectations, then it’s most likely complete. At this point, try not to second-guess yourself too much; if everything feels right, then it probably is!

It’s natural for us all to feel unsure about our own work at times, but trust your gut instinct; if you feel like something should be included in the project but don't have enough evidence or ideas for it yet, set it aside for now and come back to it later if needed.

Seeking Outside Opinions

It's always helpful to get another opinion from someone who understands what you're trying to achieve with your project.

Seeking out feedback from people who know the industry well can help give guidance on where changes might need to be made or where further development could benefit the final product even more. However, remember that ultimately it's up to you—it's important that any changes made make sense for your own brand identity, so take every suggestion into consideration before making decisions based on outside opinions alone.

Finishing on Time is an Art

Finishing projects on time is a delicate balance between planning, creativity, and self-trust.

Take the time to plan out your project in as much detail as possible before you start, and make sure to trust yourself when it comes to knowing when something is complete. Finally, don't be afraid to seek feedback from experts and people who know the industry. If you stay disciplined, trust yourself, and acquire helpful advice when needed, you'll be able to successfully finish projects on time! Good luck!

The key takeaway is... Trust your gut, plan ahead, and get help when needed—then you’ll be able to finish your creative projects on time!

In conclusion, trusting yourself is an important skill when it comes to knowing when something is finished. Researching thoroughly and exploring different avenues can help provide clarity, as can seeking feedback from industry professionals whose understanding of certain topics may exceed yours. Remember that ultimately it’s up to you; trust your instincts and stick with any decisions made accordingly!

The key takeaway here is that finishing projects on time is beneficial both professionally and personally, so use these tips as tools for success!

Good luck creating!

Thanks for reading!