How do you find the time for personal designs?

Many people in the design world feel like they don't have enough time to make personal designs, practise new techniques and show their work consistently.

How do you find the time for personal designs?

Many people in the design world feel like they don't have enough time to make personal designs, practise new techniques and show their work consistently.

Many designers find it difficult to find the time when they work long hours or have other commitments. Engagement with their design practice is important for their mental health, creativity, and quality of work.

In this article, I will cover ways to keep the passion alive as a designer.

Perspective Is Everything—How To Stay Focused And Not Lose Interest In Your Work

Due to client needs, designers are sometimes compelled to create unique work that may not be representative of their style.

It can be all too easy to lose sight of what you enjoy doing and stop being passionate about your design practice if it's not something that challenges or excites you.

So how can you keep on top of your style and avoid losing touch with it?

I think that showing your work to other people i.e Instagram, Dribbble, Behance is one of the best ways that I've found, to stay focused on my work.

When I post something to one of these sites, but especially Instagram, it entirely changes the way that I look at what I've just made because suddenly other people are looking at it and responding to it.

I think it's really important for designers to find a way of showing their work to other people, especially if you're trying to make a name for yourself in the design scene. This helps you stay focused on your practice.

What Are Other People Doing?—How To Avoid Getting Caught Up In A Trend

Professional designers and illustrators are in a very fortunate position where they get to see the latest trends and styles emerging in their industry with relative ease.

It can be hard when you're at the start of your career but it's even more difficult if you're looking to develop your skills as a creative and hone your style under tough competition from so many talented people.

It's very easy to get caught up in trends or follow what other people are doing but you need to find your voice instead of trying to emulate someone else.

How To Stay Inspired?—Finding Your Inspiration And Not Following The Herd

If you're not looking for inspiration and instead of trying to create something more experimental and original, then the biggest danger you face is following what everyone else is doing.

At this point, it's important to make sure your work doesn't come across as dull or unoriginal.

I've always found that personal projects can be some of the most inspiring because you get to experiment and try new things. It's always nice when someone favourites your work or likes your Instagram post, but it's even more important to find ways of exploring and experimenting with your design practice.

What Skills Do I Need?—Understanding The Importance Of Keeping Your Skills Up-To-Date With The Industry

Another common mistake that creatives make is staying focused on developing specific skills for too long without keeping an eye on what else is happening in their industry.

This can lead to designers getting stuck and finding it more difficult to pick up new skills as they get older.

It's essential to play around with a variety of design styles, regardless of how many different kinds of work you're producing, because it will keep you up to speed and refresh your skills. If you want ideas, don't just utilise digital designs; do drawing/sketches, studies, etc.

What Are My Goals?—How To Stay On Track With Your Career

It's really important to understand what you need to improve on and stay on track with your ambitions.

One of the most common mistakes that designers make is not learning new skills or keeping up with industry standards.

As you get older, it becomes more difficult but it's never too late to learn something new.

I would educate yourself on the latest techniques, even if it's just reading up on them online.

I've always found that the most effective means to learn is to share what you're passionate about with others.

What Are Other People Doing?—Understanding How To Be Different From The Masses

One of the most important things that you can do is try to be different from everyone else.

The danger with being inspired by other people's work is that it limits your creativity, meaning you're less likely to come up with original ideas.

It's okay if someone likes your Instagram post or buys one of your prints but you need to make sure that you stay true to your style. In the long run, creating something unique is more significant than following trends.

Where To Find Inspiration?—Knowing The Correct Sources For Finding New Ideas

It's important not to look for inspiration from the wrong sources, as this can harm your work.

I find it quite strange when I see people copying or stealing ideas from other artists because this just brings their originality into question. It's also important to be aware of where you're looking for inspiration.

Sometimes, I'll look at popular Instagram accounts but only as a source of reference. You should be able to take inspiration from almost anything, for example, popular TV shows or art exhibitions. It's important to watch out and make sure that you're not getting too influenced by the wrong sources because you'll end up copying someone else's work.

Follow these principles and you'll be set up to make personal designs—but, remember this is only the beginning. You'll never know if you like making personal designs unless you try it for yourself. So don't fear: go out there and do your best!

It's important to try and experiment with new styles because eventually, you'll come across a style that you love. You should be careful about copying other people's work just because it looks successful because, in the long run, your originality is what will make your brand stand out from the rest.

What tips do you have for finding time to create personal designs?